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  Eagle Signals, Part Four
Signals in the Eagle "intersection" (foreground.)

  Eagle Flat Back

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The flat back was the last of the true Eagle signal designs. The modern flat back was similar in overall appearance to the rodded flat back. This signal used rings and carriage bolts to hold the sections together. Reflector mounts and other hardware were a little more modern.

The back of the flat back is relatively smooth and displays a large eagle with the logo, "Eagle Signal." This particular flat back has a 12 inch red section and 8 inch yellow and green sections.

The flat back sports a reflector design that is like many contemporary reflectors. It hinges from the left and is kept from popping loose by a retaining spring. This particular signal has polished aluminum reflectors.

The flat back 8 inch section has the classic door hinges where the door hinge arms straddle the frame hinge arms and are held in place by drop pins secured by crimp rings. The 12 inch sections have door hinge arms that both rest on top of the frame arms and the doors can be lifted off the signal head.

The door latches are wing nuts on L-bolts secured by crimp rings.

The flat back lenses have the more modern Eagle profile in the center of the lens instead of the earlier "Stop" and "Go" semaphore flags logo.

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