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  Darley Simplex D-200
Split Amber Sequence

Darley Type C and Type D signals had simple wiring. The entire signal worked on three circuits. The main street red and cross street green ran on one circuit. All four yellows were a second circuit. The main street green and cross street red ran on the third circuit. The yellow light would display when the signal was turning red and when it was turning green.

Back in the days of non synchronized manual transmissions and regulations that required motorists to take their vehicles out of gear when at red lights, the yellow indication when the light turned green allowed drivers to "get it in gear" before the light changed.

With the D-200 signal Darley offered a "split amber" option. A fourth circuit was added and an amber or yellow light would only display on the sides of the signal that were changing from green to red.

Main st. green, cross st. red.
Main st. green terminating.
Cross st. green, main st. red.
Cross st. terminating.

One of the interesting aspects of the Darley split amber sequence was that the yellow light would come on for about three seconds warning motorists that the light was changing, then it would go out for a split second before the light actually changed. This effect can be seen in a YouTube Video.

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