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Traffic Signal Collection

Restoring the New Orleans DT 4-way

I knew there would be trouble when I moved the carton and I could hear cascades of broken glass from inside. What started out as a light in exceptionally good condition when dropped off at the UPS package store arrived as a heap of junk. However the provenance of this light compelled me to reconstruct the signal and I learned quite a bit about UPS, shipping insurance, and how to document a loss and get reimbursed.

I was able to satisfactorily repair the broken metal parts with JB Weld epoxy. I replaced the broken reflectors and lenses by trading and buying from other signal collectors. The visors are new factory spec reproductions. I used original wiring harnesses from a 1953 Type DT signal that I was also restoring.

The final result.

View the sequence video on YouTube.

Here is what a 4-way signal with a pendant turn arrow looked like in real life from a Google Street View taken in Sheffield, AL. (The signal in the photo is a Crouse-Hinds type M.) This signal was subsequently replaced with a set of mast mounted single face heads.


Make and type: Crouse-Hinds Type DT

Vintage: 1952, based on dates on reflectors

Provenance: Signal was originally in service in New Orleans. Seller claims it came from the French Quarter, taken down in early 1960s when the city went to mast mounted signals. Original paint was old time N.O. blue-green and condition suggested the light was only in service for about 15 years, which is consistent with the claimed provenance.

Details: Corning glass mirror reflectors, small bead smiley lenses, original spec cloth covered wiring (taken from a 1953 type DT,) factory spec reproduction visors.

Miscellany: The pendant left turn head is a later model lettered door Type DT "art deco" taken from a 1953 type DT.) Color is "Bahama Sea" which is the closest I could get to the current New Orleans signal colors.

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