Willis Lamm's
Traffic Signal Collection

Crouse-Hinds Type D Features

From the outside Type D signals look a great deal like the later version Type DT that appeared in 1952. The most distinctive differences are internal. This feature will cover the characteristics that will help identify the Type D's distinctive characteristics.
Classic Crouse-Hinds barrel type hanger and
D 4-way top plate marked N-S-E-W (same as DT.)
The Type D Reflector is held by three tabs and is held in place by a screw.
The lens rests on a cork gasket rather than a rubber gasket.
Appropriate lenses are large bead "smiley" or command lenses with tab notches.

Down Light Details

The down light reflector is clamped into a
removable tin housing that has a ceramic lamp socket.
The down light lens has its own molded rubber rim.
The door is held closed by a spring loaded twist type thumb latch.

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