Willis Lamm's
Traffic Signal Collection

Crouse-Hinds DT (Art Deco) Cluster

I located this art deco cluster from a trader from whom I had acquired signals before. I liked this cluster as it came with removable cutaway (cap) visors and "smiley" lenses. I knew the signals were completely intact but would be pretty rough, having been hung outdoors for decades.

The cluster did arrive in good condition but just about every bolt, screw and latch was frozen.

This particular project got attention every few weeks as I soaked screws and bolts with PB Blaster and managed to get a few loose. Nonetheless some snapped and I had to drill and tap a few holes. The original wiring was replaced with replica cloth wiring and I have been looking for lettered (command) lenses for one of the heads. (The third original head will be used as a pedestrian signal.)

Cluster in stages of disassembly.
Starting reassembly of the first head on the stand.
Soaking screws with PB Blaster.
More parts painted and ready for assembly.
Testing the first completed signal on the stand.
(The second signal was still being repainted.)
The cluster "in service" with the other signals.
Crouse-Hinds Type DT signals were produced from 1952 to 1959. From the outside they are very similar to the earlier Type D signals. One obvious difference involves the signal's reflectors. Type D reflectors were held by cast aluminum arms. Type DT reflectors were mounted into hinged stamped aluminum frames as shown at the top of this page. The DT (often called "Dust Tight") had better gasketing around the lenses and reflectors to improve dust and moisture resistance.

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