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Welcome to our Horse Humor and Adventure Section. This is a new section for our website in which we will present interesting and humorous true horse stories and adventures.

(Have an interesting horse story? If so, Email us with the details.)

Who's the Boss???

  • "Baby sitting" from Steel Bars Ferseyn's point of view

Silver - The Houdini Horse

  • How Silver's escape antics saved his life

Mustang Sentries

  • You can take the mustang out of the desert but some traits still continue

"Goofy Q"

  • The never ending escapades of Quincy

Ranger's Freewheeling Adventure

  • A mustang's reintroduction to the great outdoors

That's my Horse!

  • A 6 year old's encounter with the vet

The Mule and the Farrier

  • Never underestimate the talents of a mule

Mothers' Day

  • A mothers' day never to be forgotten!

Maynard's Bird-Day

  • Are you a burro or are you a bird???

(Many more features are on the way!)

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