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The point of it all

This website is in celebration of the horse and good horse enthusiasts everywhere. We're not trying to sell anything, but rather promote natural equine sport enjoyment and good horse sense.

In addition to the usual pictures and scrapbooks, we're developing some useful information such as Danny Love's farrier page, a section on draft horses, a page dedicated to BLM wild horses and burros, equine survival and safety information, equine health, a modern training section as well as useful tips. Many of these areas will take some time to develop, so if you encounter occasional "Page not Ready" or "URL Not Found" messages, please try again another day. There are 24 hours in a day and we've only figured out how to fill about 20 of them!

If you notice something we are missing, see something we've done wrong or portrayed incorrectly, or you simply have a question about something you have seen, please don't hesitate to drop us an email message. (The URL can be found at the bottom of the main Horse Page.)

Feel free to explore and enjoy. Live long and ride safely.

* Dedication *

This website is dedicated to Harmony Dan, a.k.a., Happy and eventually known as Grandpa Horse, who started it all.

Graze in green pastures, old friend.

Harmony Dan; 1959 to 1991


Art and Layout- Sharon Lamm
Farrier's Corner- Danny Love
Gweeb Stuff- Willis Lamm

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