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  Nevada Agriculture Director
Scuttles Birth Control Study

Various communications took place between wild horse advocates and Department of Agriculture staff members discussing how the issue of the birth control program horses could be resolved. The most salient communication took place on Wednesday, October 15, two days before the infamous "legal notice" was placed in the Nevada Appeal. In spite of his claims, Dr. LaRussa did receive notice as to the developments taking place, in writing as well as verbally.

Hay for Birth Control Program Horses
Wed, 15 Oct 2008 18:29:42 -0700
Willis Lamm
David Thain DVM
Phil LaRussa DVM, Mike Holmes

Dr. Thain,

I made some phone calls today and got sufficient commitments from allied wild horse groups to provide sufficient hay for the horses in your birth control program to last at least through calendar year 2008. I would anticipate being able to schedule a delivery of approximately 26 tons during the week of October 27.

The contributing organizations recognize the importance of keeping this group of horses together to facilitate continuing observations, and we are working on a plan to eventually move the animals to a private closed range habitat where monitoring can continue. It is our opinion that maintaining the ability to monitor these horses should contribute to added validity of your birth control program's data base.

Please work out any necessary details with Tim Bryant and/or Dr. LaRussa so that we will know how to proceed.

Very truly yours,

Willis Lamm

c: Phil LaRussa, DVM
Mike Holmes

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