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  Nevada Agriculture Director
Scuttles Birth Control Study

If you wish to express an opinion to Governor Gibbons' office or to the Nevada Department of Agriculture regarding Director Lesperance's attempt to crash the Virginia Range Wild Horse Birth Control Study, here is some updated contact information.

Please note that Governor Gibbons' office email (governor@govmail...) appears to be not accepting messages. Please use the contact information below and please be respectful to office staff who may take your call.


  • These horses aren't "strays." They have been in a birth control study for at least six years, contributing to the knowledge base for management of our wild horses.

  • Why did Director Lesperance place a legal notice to dispose of these horses right after the horse advocates requested instructions as to where and when to deliver the hay to maintain the program?

  • How can the Department justify describing horses that have been experimented on for six years as being strays and giving the "legal owners" a week to come claim them?

  • Why would the Department want to prevent continuation of the birth control study if the costs were borne by the private sector, not the Department?


If you call the Governor's office you may be referred to the Department of Agriculture. You have the right to talk to the Governor's staff about these issues when staff is available. It is sometimes valuable to get both the Department's and the Governor's perspective on these issues.

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