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Part Six

Storey County Nevada, March 5th, "high noon."

While most Nevadans were grateful for relatively normal winter snows, recharging aquifers, filling lakes and prompting the grass to grow, the weather caused nearly a month's delay in getting the last of the horses released on the range. Even then the small parade of trailers had to negotiate some boggy spots as the volunteers wound their way back into the southeastern Virginia Range.

A band of horses watches the progress of the trailers.
Eventually the procession reached a secluded valley dotted with pine trees with a small stream nearby. The trailers lined up and one by one the bands of horses were released back onto the range.
A lone stallion watches the activities from atop the ridge.
Trailers lined up to release horses.
The first band of horses gets set free.
"Wait for me!"
The next band follows.


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