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Part Eleven

Rusty's Graduation

We decided to take Rusty out to the obstacle course and see how well Willy and Torsten had done with their gentling. Rusty was clearly not yet a saddle trained horse, however if he had been handled correctly, he should be able to keep a clear head out in the more open areas of the property.

Of course Willy, the primary horse gentler, needed to check his work. The following photos are Willy's first time ever on a freshly gentled horse, let alone one of his own making.

Afterwards Willis did a little more thorough checking and the work done with Rusty seemed to be pretty solid.

Note: Rusty is available for adoption. For additional information please contact Shirley Allen at shirley@whmentors.org or phone 775-246-7636.

A Final Reno Adventure.

Just before sunrise Torsten returned to southeast Reno and hiked up into the foothills hoping to get some good sunrise photos. Naturally he also hoped to find some wild horses. Upon reaching the second plateau above the Carson Meadows, he came upon a small band of horses.

Being an experienced animal photographer, Torsten stayed quiet and non-threatening. Shortly afterwards both the band stallion and lead mare came over to him and pretty clearly indicated for him to follow them, which he did. Torsten quietly walked within the band as they went down to the stream below for a morning drink. As the sun rose above the misty water, Torsten took some of the best photos of his trip.

A Fond Farewell.

Naturally Willy and Torsten had to return to Sweden to get working on their book. The volunteers and wild horse advocates all express a sincere thanks to Willy and Torsten for letting us all share in their adventures. This photo journal was only able to provide a sample of their experiences. The journal will be updated when their book comes out.

A farewell pose on a very windy day!

(A few photos have yet to be added to this journal.)

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Note: These photos may make gentling a wild horse look easy. Each success followed careful
work in which the horse was continuously evaluated and his willingness to comply was developed.

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