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Part Four

Gentling a wild horse (continued)

On Friday (day four) we took Rusty back out to the horse course. This time we upped the challenges, however we kept Rusty on a light lead and let him find the solutions to the problems. Once he figured out the obstacles we could drape the rope over his back and he would follow our hand gestures.

Walking through a tire sidewall ring.
"No hands!" Crossing the medium wooden bridge off lead.
Standing on the ramp bridge.
We gave Rusty a break and got back to work trimming down and leveling his feet. He was getting fairly good with his fronts. His hinds were a bit more challenging as he was a little restless with work going on back where he couldn't see it, but we made a start on the hinds.
Trimming a hind hoof.

An Old Mine.

We took some time to explore one of thousands of old, abandoned mines. Willy and Torsten got a sense of what it must have been like back in the gold rush.

Warning: Many abandoned mines can be terribly dangerous and not all dangerous mines have been sealed off! Never enter any mine unless it has been certified as safe for exploration!

Trooper Update.

Trooper was walking better each day after receiving veterinary care, and soon was trotting along with the other horses.

Trooper back on "all fours" with his buddies, snatching bits of windblown hay.

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Note: These photos may make gentling a wild horse look easy. Each success followed careful
work in which the horse was continuously evaluated and his willingness to comply was developed.

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