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Wild Horse Project Gets Recognition

  Lacy J. Dalton's Comstock Wild Horse & Mining Museum Wins Nevada's 2003 Governor's Tourism Development Award
Part Two
Olivia Fiamengo and Lacy J. Dalton
On November 6, 2003, the Nevada Governor's Conference on Tourism informed the Comstock Wild Horse and Mining Museum that they had been selected to receive the 2003 Tourism Development Award. The award will be presented on December 17, 2003, at Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas.

When informed of the award, Lacy J. Dalton remarked:

"This is so wonderful. Everyone has worked so hard and this award will do so much to bring attention to the wild horses. We're so grateful to the Governor's Conference on Tourism for recognizing us."

Just a few of the many historic photographs
The museum and gift shop are located at 131 South "C" Street (State Route 341) in historic downtown Virginia City. The rail car can be found next door to the old firehouse that is now the Comstock Fire Museum. All gift shop profits go to fund the Let 'em Run Foundation's wild horse activities; primarily the sanctuary effort. Gifts, including some pretty good music, can also be ordered on-line at www.letemrun.com.

You can reach the museum and gift shop by telephone at 775.847.9453.

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Lacy and Liv laughing it up in the gift shop

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