Mustang Close-Up

"Mesteņo Malo" (Mes)
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This is Tina and Mes in their ghost costume for halloween. (Mes rode with his eyes completely covered.) He runs and does anything else Tina wants him to do without seeing.

The following year they dyed Mes' sheet black and painted a flourescent horse skeleton on it.

(As you see, Mes has all sorts of outfits!) Mes (right) in his cold weather gear.

The Bad Bandito!

Growing antlers for the Plant City, FL, Christmas parade.

Tina, Jill and Mes, the red nosed mustang
in the Plant City Christmas parade.

Vital Statistics

Foaled: 1984 / Gelding
Herd: (Looking it up)
Owner: John & Jill Ferguson
Present Location: Florida

Webmaster's Note:

John and Jill received an award in 1996 by the BLM for eleven years of outstanding service as volunteers for the Adopt-a-Wild Horse or Burro Program.

Check out Mes' buddy Gypsy

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