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Corey, whose real name is "Mi Corazon Poco" (My Little Heart), referencing the heart shaped star on his forehead, is very Andalusian like, heavier boned with a flowing mane and forelock. (At 4 1/2 his mane was over 2 feet long!) He was adopted as a yearling at the 1991 Walnut Creek (CA) sale by Jodie Baker, who raised him. She spent time with him going over obstacles and other similar arena ground work on a line. When Corey came to the ranch at age 3 to get seriously started under saddle, he was confident and easy to work with.

In a matter of weeks Corey could go out on the road or on trail, would side pass up to a gate and open it (although he'd fidget), and could be ridden away from the group without getting upset. His one Achilles' heel was metallic sounds. Metal garbage cans and such were "horse-eating monsters" and it took a great deal of positive reinforcement to settle him to those kinds of noises.

Corey was always playful and energetic. In pasture he would play with each gelding in rotation, starting with the youngest, until that horse wore out, then he would move on to the next! If nobody would play, he would pick up a stall ball and run around slapping the other horses in the head or neck with it. What a brat! At the age of 5 he was still constantly into some kind of mischief!

Corey coming two with Jody
Dina and Corey at work in the arena
Corey's first trailer outing (Age 3)
Corey and Willis at Contra Loma Regional Park

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