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"CJ and Scooter"

Shortly after CJ came to the stable, he "adopted" Scooter, a weanling who was a bit weak when he was brought to the stable to be weaned. Actually Scooter adopted CJ, squeezing through the fences to be with CJ in his paddock. (We were afraid at first that this "wild" mustang might hurt the foal.)

CJ immediately became Scooter's protector, and when CJ was turned out he would take Scooter on his daily rounds; CJ exploring each new item he came across with Scooter folowing up and exploring also. They also ran and played together. When Scooter would get tired and couldn't keep up, he'd stop and whinny for CJ who would stop, would walk to Scooter and lead him back to his paddock and stand guard over Scooter while he slept. Scooter thrived under this attention and quickly regained strength and vitality.

CJ showing Scooter around the hay barn

CJ and Scooter taking naps together

After a few weeks Scooter had developed self assurance and appeared to be a normal, healthy, perky youngster.

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