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Marcy (at around 3 months) "horning in" while Molly gets her feet done
Marcy was the last daughter of the Belgian mare Molly (seen in the driving pictures). She was a large baby and very forward going, which is not typical of many Belgian fillies.
Marcy pulling down fences with her feet at 6 months
Linda Morse and Marcy as a 9 month old (Linda is an adult!)

Because of her size, we started Marcy at 18 months with light saddle work. We always do ground schooling with the youngsters, so when it was "saddle up" day, we put the saddle on, climbed on, and Marcy started out as if it was nothing new. By the end of the week, we were riding all over the ranch.

A BIG youngster to Groundschool
First Time Under Saddle

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