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Training Case Study:

"Oscar and Felix"

Felix (front) and Oscar

Oscar and Felix are reassignment burros. They are both two year olds, came from the same herd, came through the BLM system together and were adopted together. When their adoption didn't work out due to environmental reasons, we tried to keep them together. Mentor Jean Anderson applied to BLM to take over the adoption and she will keep them together.

They weren't tame when they arrived but regular encounters by the volunteers along with a generous supply of carrot bits brought them around. Oscar is the braver, more dominant of the two. Felix is a bit more timid and prissy. We originally split them into separate pens to work with them as Oscar would hog the spotlight but soon both could be handled in the same pen.
James and Oscar
Grooving on nice rubs
Scratching Felix, Oscar comes in

Here comes Felix
Sometimes it's easier just to scratch both

To be Continued...

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