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Training Case Study:

"Pequiño Cambio"
(Small Change)

Pequiño with Patty Thomas

Pequiño is an eight year old Kiger mustang who was broke to ride but who had significant confidence issues when out by himself. This condition would manifest itself through bolting and blind flight when startled.

Various trainers have tried to address this problem but it continued. Most recently a trainer relentlessly went after Pequiño with a flag (plastic bag on a stick.) All this apparently accomplished was to make Pequiño reactively afraid of crackling plastic.

Pequiño's owner gave him to LRTC to rehabilitate and place into a good permanent home.

Pequiño and his pasture buds
Sharon and Patty Thomas decided to reintroduce Pequiño to plastic flags using clicker targeting. He was pretty scared of the flag at first but within about ten minutes he would touch and snuffle it with his nose. The fact that he would approach and investigate the flag on his own was a good enough start for one day.
Snuffling the flag

Interesting leg markings

A nice head

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