LRTC Information Sheet

BUDDY, ID# (BLM) 9012

Buddy (formerly known as Buster) is a 5 year old BLM gelding that participated in Wild Horse Workshop '06 in Stagecoach, NV. Buddy started out having some confidence issues around people. He was very curious but would display a tendency to charge if he didn't understand what was wanted of him. He appeared in the workshop adoption but we listed him as needing to go only to an experienced adopter.
Buddy also picked up the nickname "Hoover" as he would conform to any shape necessary to vacuum up leftover bits of hay.
After the adoption clinician Tony Sumner agreed to take Buddy and settle him down. Buddy is a classic example of a horse that needed to develop confidence, then understand communication in order to recognize leadership. In his first week Buddy has done very well which is why Tony changed his name from Buster to Buddy.

In just a few days Tony has made significant progress with Buddy as you can see in the next series of photos.

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